Microsoft Source Code Allegedly Leaked

Lapsus$, a cyber extortion gang that had previously targeted Nvidia, and Samsung claimed to recently have made a new victim.

In order to steal source code, customer lists, databases, and other important information, Lapsus$ hacks into business systems and compromises their systems. They then try to extort the victim by making ransom demands, otherwise threatening that the information would be made public.

What Happened?

On their Telegram channel, the Lapsus$ gang shared a snapshot of a hacked Microsoft Azure DevOps Server, which contained source code for Bing, Cortana, and various other internal projects, as well as other information.


A torrent for a 9 GB 7zip archive condensing the source code of over 250 projects, which the hacker gang claims are owned by Microsoft, was shared by the group late Monday night.


When Lapsus$ posted the torrent, it was communicated that it included 90 percent of the source code for Bing and around 45 percent of the source code for Bing Maps and Cortana, among other things.

As BleepingComputer reports, the uncompressed download has roughly 37GB of source code that, reportedly, belongs to Microsoft, despite the fact that they claim that a portion of the source code was leaked.

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