Microsoft Takes Aim at Malicious Office Macros

Microsoft Takes Aim at Malicious Office Macros

Microsoft has finally taken action against a common threat vector, blocking by default Office macros downloaded from the internet.

A vast range of threat actors sent users phishing emails containing innocuous-looking attachments. However, they often contain embedded Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros obtained from the internet.

Once enabled by users with a single click, these initiate a download of a malicious payload to support information theft, ransomware and other attacks.

Microsoft’s latest action is intended to enable the continued use of legitimate macros while making it harder for threat actors to socially engineer users into enabling malicious content.

“For macros in files obtained from the internet, users will no longer be able to enable content with a click of a button. A message bar will appear for users notifying them with a button to learn more. The default is more secure and is expected to keep more users safe including home users and information workers in managed organizations,” it explained.

“Organizations can use the ‘Block macros from running in Office files from the internet’ policy to prevent users from inadvertently opening files from the internet that contain macros. Microsoft recommends enabling this policy, and

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