Millions of Bluetooth Devices Affected by BrakTooth Flaws

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Bluetooth technology (BT) has encountered severe scrutiny due to various design flaws and vulnerabilities. Security experts from the Singapore University of Technology and Design recently revealed a group of security vulnerabilities, tracked as BrakTooth, in the Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) protocol, affecting millions of Bluetooth-enabled devices. These devices are manufactured by Intel, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Infineon (Cypress), Zhuhai Jieli Technology, and Texas Instruments, and Silicon Labs.

After analyzing 13 BT devices from 11 vendors, the researchers found 16 security vulnerabilities, which, if successfully exploited, could allow a remote hacker to launch multiple attacks, including Denial of Service (DoS), firmware crashes, deadlocking, and  Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE) on vulnerable devices.

“All the vulnerabilities are already reported to the respective vendors, with several vulnerabilities already patched and the rest being in the process of replication and patching. As the BT stack is often shared across many products, many other products are probably affected

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