Misconfigured Kafdrop Instances Lead to Sensitive Data Exposure for Many Companies

A new report shows how cloud misconfiguration could lead to critical data exposure of an organization. Researchers revealed that misconfigured Kafdrop instances, Kafdrop being the Apache Kafkas’s management interface, led to the exposure of sensitive cloud data related to many big companies worldwide.

The Misconfigured Kafdrop Instances: More Details

Kafdrop is basically the Apache Kakfkas’ management interface, a platform both cloud-native and open-source that has the role of data streams collection, analysis, storage, and management. Over 60% of the Fortune 100 enterprises use Kafka nowadays. Besides, this service is also used by eight of 10 of the biggest banks worldwide along with the 10 biggest insurance enterprises at a global level and also 8 of the 10 most important telecom providers make use of Kafka.

That is why a vulnerable management tool represents the perfect target for cybercriminals permitting them to perform actions like network infiltration and data exfiltration eventually, as the Spectral researchers, who published a report on this topic, underline.

Thus, the well-known open-source user interface dubbed Kafdrop became a target. It’s interesting to mention here that Kafdrop is possible to be deployed as a Docker container. Through this interface, current Kafka clusters are mapped and connected automatically.

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