Misinformation needs tackling and it would help if politicians stopped muddying the water

Written by , APAC Editor Chris Duckett APAC Editor

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As Australians wake up on Monday with a new government after sending the Morrison-led one packing, this past election campaign has been one of the more shouty and incorrect elections in recent times, and not only from the candidates.

One of the more commendable efforts this time around has been the misinformation bubble-bursting work undertaken by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on Twitter. Rather than just being a boring corporate account, it has got sassy and has been stomping on any misinformation or disinformation it comes across.

After watching electoral messes overseas, the AEC clearly formed a view that politely and meekly engaging was not an option to head off one of the biggest scourges of being online in the 2020s, and if the

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