MITRE Shield: An active defense and adversary engagement knowledge base


When it comes to collecting tips, tricks and workarounds, it is easy to see quickly that certain concepts and methods are strong against particular setups, while others are weak. As a result, it is an excellent idea to have a large variety of tools available to do you when you are trying to do a specific task — just in case one does not quite do the job and you need to swap out. 

Now you could either spend a great deal of time in the wilds of the internet, roaming the tall grasses of forum posts and various hangouts in hopes of catching them all, or you could trade with someone that already has a filled collection. Enter MITRE.

MITRE is best known for their MITRE ATT&CK collection — a wiki of offensive techniques that has proven to be a huge time-saver when trying to perform penetration testing. A sword, you might call it, if you were so inclined. Recently however, they launched the MITRE Shield program, a collection of techniques designed for defensive actions. 

Now some might say that it isn’t really necessary, as you could just attack a target enough times to create a solid

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