Modernizing our Certificates and Badges

Offensive Security’s certificates and badges are evolving! Beginning April 5, 2022, we will modernize the look of our certifications, and how we issue our accreditations. Our new approach is more in line with some of the world’s leading higher learning institutions such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and MIT.

The Look

OSCP Certificate and Badge

The How

For all certifications except for OSCE3*, we will be evolving from paper certificates and physical wallet cards to a fully digital certificate and badge experience that is:

Easier to share More secure Immediately accessible (no more wait time)! Environmentally friendly

The new digital experience will offer one-click sharing to social media and professional networking while instilling trust in our community via one-click verification. Compared to a physical certificate, Offensive Security’s new digital certificate and badge will be a portable, secure and verifiable version of our student’s accomplishment. We believe digital is a step-change improvement over our more traditional paper certificate as digital provides unlimited sharing with employers, potential employers, colleagues, friends, and social/professional media.

Digital will also protect the hard-won integrity of our achievers by offering bank-level encryption and blockchain logging, meaning it will be extremely difficult to fake

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