Most Brazilian businesses set to boost cybersecurity spend in 2022

The vast majority of Brazilian companies plan to boost their cybersecurity budgets in 2022; a new study carried out by consulting firm PwC has found.

According to the Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2022, the increase in cyberattacks in Brazil is among the key concerns of business decision-makers in Brazil, with each threat requiring a different response, new tools and training so teams can be prepared for future incidents.

This scenario has prompted 83% of Brazilian organizations to plan for an increase in spending on cybersecurity in the coming year, the research has found. This compares with the predicted rise in budgets cited by 69% of those polled.

“In Brazil, both CEOs and other top executives believe the cybersecurity mission is changing and playing an important role in building trust and expanding their businesses. They now see the importance of the data they have”, said Eduardo Batista, a partner at PwC Brazil.

The study suggests that 45% of Brazilian companies estimate an increase of 10% or more in investments in data security, compared to 26% worldwide. Only 14% of Brazilian leaders expressed the same levels of concern in relation to cybersecurity in 2020, against 8% worldwide. In 2021, 50% of

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