Most Common Cyber Threats for Businesses

Cyber threats are a constant concern as modern-day businesses have become heavily dependent on Information and communications technology (ICT) tools to function. The introduction of cloud computing, mobile technology, and the internet of things help companies to increase productivity, provide better customer service, minimize operational costs and maximize revenues, but it also has downsides: cybercriminals are always on the lookout for a way in, always upping their game to find new ways for compromising computer systems.

The number of incidents in 2021 highlights an ascending trend that specialists do not expect to go away anytime soon. Based on trends from the last decade and our progressively digital world, we can foresee an increase in cyberattacks in 2022 and beyond.

There are many types of cybersecurity threats out there, with developments occurring regularly.

Most Dangerous Cybersecurity Threats for Businesses Ransomware

Ransomware was “the main star” of cybersecurity threats in 2021, responsible for hundreds of attacks all over the world. Ransomware incidents alone accounted for billions of dollars in payouts in 2021, making them the most common type of cyberattack on record. According to our CEO, Morten Kjærsgaard, ransomware will keep its title in 2022 as the biggest threat for any company on

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