Nametag launches 'Sign in with ID' to access online accounts securely

You can now verify your identity with more than just your username and password with this user-centric authentication mechanism.

Your online accounts tend to be linked to your username and password, with an added layer of SMS verification to provide two-factor authentication. However, these types of accounts can be compromised by phishing or social engineering to gain access to your accounts.

To solve this issue, New York-based ID authentication company Nametag has launched “Sign in with ID” to access online accounts using its multifactor authentication technology combined with biometric identity verification.


There are four steps to signing in with ID: scan a QR code on a website, which invokes the Nametag sign in screen; scan your ID (when you first use Nametag, you must upload your official ID); take a selfie; and tap to confirm and share what information is necessary for the transaction. 

You do not have to download an app; Nametag pops up whenever ID is requested.

If you use iOS, the Nametag app will match the uploaded government-issued ID to the selfie. This means you only need to confirm your identity once — or every time you sign in. The company says that this mechanism is a more secure way

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