Nearly all US execs have experienced a cybersecurity threat, but some say there's still no plan

A new survey suggests the majority of US executives have encountered a cybersecurity incident but this has not translated into the creation of incident response plans.

On Tuesday, Deloitte published the results of a new survey, taking place between June 6 and August 24, 2021, which includes the responses of 577 C-suite executives worldwide (159 in the US) on today’s cybersecurity threats. 

The research — including insight from those in CEO, CISO, and other leadership roles — suggests that nearly all US executives have come across at least one cybersecurity event over the past year, 98%, in comparison to 84% internationally. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in cybersecurity incidents and it appears that the event rate may disproportionately have impacted organizations in the United States. 

According to Deloitte’s research, 86% of US executives have noticed an uptick in attack attempts, a higher climb than that experienced by 63% of leadership worldwide. 

Despite the ongoing risk of cyberattacks, US enterprise firms are not up to par when it comes to implementing defense and incident response initiatives. In total, 14% of US executives have no such plans, in comparison to 6% of non-US executives. 

Problems including data management issues, infrastructure

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