Nebraska Issues First Federal Cyber-stalking Sentence

Nebraska Issues First Federal Cyber-stalking Sentence

The first ever person to be convicted of cyber-stalking in the District of Nebraska has been sentenced to federal prison.

Dennis Sryniawski, a 48-year-old resident of Bellevue, was charged with intent to extort and cyber-stalking his former girlfriend, Diane Parris, in an attempt to prevent her husband, Jeff Parris, from being elected to the Nebraska legislature. 

A jury convicted Sryniawski on only the cyber-stalking charge in June 2021, after a three-day jury trial. Evidence presented at trial showed that Sryniawski had used two different email accounts to send six emails on two different days to the legislature candidate.

One email was sent under Sryniawski’s name, but the others were delivered under names that the cyber-stalker had invented. 

"The initial email contained personal details about the candidate’s wife and accusations concerning the candidate’s stepdaughter, and a later email included explicit photos purportedly of each," said the US Attorney's Office for the District of Nebraska in a statement issued Thursday.

The explicit photographs of Diane Parris had been taken with her consent more than two decades ago, when she and Sryniawski were romantically involved. But Parris never consented to the images’ being shared. 

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