A new atlas of the Internet

A while ago, I decided to test a new analog of Shodan — the platform only to find out that it is quite useful, and deserves a dedicated article. So, let’s go!


The search interface of Netlas is available after registration and authorization only. As I understand, the search system won’t be free in the future, but now it is on an alpha-testing stage, so one can use Netlas almost without strict restrictions.

It is worth noting that for each returned result you spend one NetlasCoin (you get 1000 for the registration). You can press the “Renew coins” button on your profile page to refill your coins to the maximum amount again.

Comparison with others

I think there is no need to explain why any IPv4 scan datasets are useful. Like in the case with DB leaks from some service — you can find something that crawlers of another search engine lost due to timeout or other network issues, or maybe missed intentionally.

That’s why I began by making a comparison of results for Netlas and other similar platforms. My goal was to understand how they differ in coverage, functionality, and usefulness for OSINT. Additionally, of course,

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