New Collaboration with Adobe and MAPP

Trend Micro -

Information sharing has never been a challenge in the cybercrime underground. Threat actors routinely trade stolen data, best practices and know-how with each other to increase their chances of success. Yet “above ground” it has not always been so straightforward. Competing commercial and other considerations sometimes complicate collaborative efforts. When that happens, the only winners are the bad guys.

That’s why Trend Micro has always taken an open, collaborative approach. We’ll partner with law enforcement, academia and industry vendors if it means making our connected, digital world more secure.

In this way, we have deepened our long-running collaboration with Adobe and Trend Micro Research. The move helps distribute Trend Micro vulnerability information about Adobe products to security vendors more quickly so they can enhance protection for their customers.

What’s new?

The speed at which the cybercrime community gets to work is almost impressive. When a new vendor patch is released, it can take threat actors just hours to reverse engineer a patch and develop an exploit. The challenge for organizations is that it often takes them far longer to apply patches—weeks, months or even years longer. One of the top 10 vulnerabilities exploited during 2016-2019 was from 2012. The top

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