New DocuSign Phishing Campaign

Phishing attacks that have as victims non-executive employees with access to sensitive corporate information are becoming more common.

According to the researchers at Avanan, half of all phishing emails analyzed in the previous several months have impersonated non-executives, while 77% targeted staff on the same level.

A New Approach

Previously, the targeted phishing attempts were trying to fool business people as the phishing actors would imitate CEOs and CFOs. This type of malicious activity is also known as CEO fraud.

In this type of activity after collecting the necessary data, attackers will behave as the company’s CEO or any high-level executive and send an email to employees in finance, requesting money transfers to the account they control.

It seems logical to use this approach since giving orders and making urgent requests as a high-ranking employee improves the likelihood of the receiver complying with these communications.

It’s quite interesting to note that now phishing actors have shifted their attention towards lower-ranking workers who may nonetheless serve as good entry points into business networks as CEOs became more attentive and security teams in major organizations placed additional measures around those “important” accounts.

Security admins might be spending a lot of time

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