New Meta Malware Used in Malspam Campaign

A new META malware, an info-stealer that seems to be more and more popular among hackers, has been discovered being leveraged by threat actors in a recent malspam campaign.

What Is Meta Malware?

META, along with Mars Stealer and BlackGuard, is one of the new info-stealers whose owners reportedly hope to profit from Raccoon Stealer‘s absence from the market.

Info about META came last month when KELA experts cautioned of its quick entry into the TwoEasy botnet marketplace.

The product is advertised as an upgraded version of RedLine and costs $125 per month for monthly users or $1,000 for unrestricted lifetime use.

More Details on the Recent Malspam Campaign

META is currently being utilized in cyberattacks in a recent malspam campaign, according to security researcher and ISC Handler Brad Duncan. It is being used for passwords stored in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox theft purposes, as well as to steal cryptocurrency wallets, the BleepingComputer publication reports.

The infection chain in this campaign uses the “conventional” approach of sending a macro-laced Excel spreadsheet as an email attachment to potential victims’ inboxes.

Since Wednesday 2022-03-30, at least 16 samples of a specific Excel file have been submitted to VirusTotal. These malicious Excel files

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