New Zealand Banks and Postal Service Under DDoS Attack

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It seems like New Zealand is becoming a new cyberthreat landscape with regular security incidents. Months after a cyberattack on the New Zealand reserve bank, attackers reportedly targeted several banks, financial institutions, and postal services in the country.

CERT NZ is aware of a DDoS attack targeting a number of New Zealand organisations. We are monitoring the situation and are working with affected parties where we can.

— CERT NZ (@CERTNZ) September 7, 2021

New Zealand’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) stated that it identified a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that temporarily affected the operations of several organizations in the country. In DDoS attacks, threat actors make a targeted system or service unavailable to its users by flooding their systems with unwanted incoming traffic from different sources.

While the criminals behind the attack are unknown, the agency stated that it is investigating the incident and working

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