News Corp reports January cyberattack targeting Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Dow Jones

News Corp has announced a cyberattack in its filings to the US Securities Exchange Commission, explaining that the attack took place at some point in January.

The Wall Street Journal, which is owned by News Corp, followed up on the filing with reporting that the attack was discovered on January 20. News Corp sent a letter about the attack to employees at the newspaper and the Dow Jones, the New York Post, the company’s UK news outlet and the News Corp headquarters.

Mandiant vice president David Wong attributed the attack to actors allegedly based within China but did not provide any evidence for that assessment. 

News Corp explained in its SEC filing that network and information systems and other technologies, including those related to the company’s content delivery networks and network management, are important to its business activities and contain the company’s proprietary, confidential and sensitive business information, including personal data of its customers and personnel. 

“The Company also relies on third-party providers for certain technology and ‘cloud-based’ systems and services that support a variety of business operations. In January 2022, the Company discovered that one of these systems was the target of persistent cyberattack activity,” the company said. 

“Together with an outside cybersecurity firm, the

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