Ninety Percent of Security Leaders Warn of Skills Shortage

Ninety Percent of Security Leaders Warn of Skills Shortage

Most IT security decision-makers are struggling to recruit workers to address a shortage of skilled professionals, despite business backing to do so, according to new research.

Global cybersecurity recruitment firm Stott and May teamed up with venture investor Forgepoint Capital to compile the Cyber Security in Focus study. It features responses from cybersecurity directors, security operations directors and VPs of product security in EMEA and North America.

Some 87% of respondents admitted they are suffering skills shortages, with over a third (35%) claiming positions were left unfilled after a 12-week period.

As a result, in-house skills (43%) were cited as the most significant barrier to strategy execution, above budget (35%), technology (13%) and board-level buy-in (9%).

The challenges around hiring have also led to a surge in salaries: 54% of hiring managers believe that these have increased more than 11% year on year in the sector.

The study also highlighted something of a contradiction. Security is gaining board-level buy-in. Some 80% of security leaders said their business perceives the function as a “strategic priority,” up from 54% last year. In addition, 100% agree that the business feels the function plays a role in improving

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