NPK: Free tool to crack password hashes with AWS

The NPK tool is an open-source password cracking tool developed by the Coalfire Labs Research and Development team. The initials NPK are inspired by the atomic elements contained within farm fertilizers — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The inspiration comes from the fact that just as farm fertilizers increase crop yields, this tool can increase the password cracking yields in a penetration testing engagement for hackers, yet at a lower cost than other alternatives. 

Benefits of NPK

NPK succeeds over conventional password-cracking techniques due to a couple of strong benefits:

It allows for easy installation

Compared to conventional password cracking tools, NPK allows for very easy installation. All it takes is running one configuration file for the installation process, and you can begin to crack passwords.

It allows for an intuitive campaign builder

NPK allows the penetration tester to run through a campaign builder wizard that makes a campaign configuration easy. This would otherwise be complex with other alternatives and tools, but NPK allows for a streamlined configuration process.

It has very straightforward pricing

NPK allows the penetration tester to perform a cost analysis before the commencement of a campaign. This makes it

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