Number of Ransomware Attacks Has Doubled in Just a Year, GCHQ Director Warns

Yesterday, Sir Jeremy Fleming, the director of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), stated that the number of ransomware attacks on institutions from the UK has doubled in the past year.

The head of GCHQ, a UK spy agency dedicated to intelligence and information gathering, publicly demanded more initiative in order to “sort out” ransomware attacks across the UK, adding that it is not “rocket science.”

He stated that encrypting all the data on a victim’s PC, blocking their access to it, and asking for a ransom payment in order to release a decryption key has become cybercriminals’ favorite type of attack because it was “largely uncontested” and extremely lucrative.

Watch Out for Russia and China

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, the threat actors behind the most devastating ransomware attacks against British entities are based in other countries hence they are frequently unapproachable for Western law enforcement agencies.

The spy chief warned that the UK must pay attention to attacks from China and Russia in particular.

I think that the reason [ransomware] is proliferating – we’ve seen twice as many attacks this year as last year in the UK – is because it works. It just pays. Criminals are making

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