OAIC wants stronger accountability measures in upcoming revised Privacy Act

The Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has called for more data accountability measures across the board in light of the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) seeking consultation for its review of the Privacy Act.

The AGD began its review into the country’s Privacy Act at the end of 2020 as part of the Commonwealth’s response to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Digital Platforms Inquiry, which found the laws needed to be updated to adequately protect consumers and their data.

Among those measures [PDF] recommended by the OAIC is a central obligation to collect, use, and disclose personal information fairly and reasonably for entities under the scope of Australia’s Privacy Principles (APP). The OAIC envisions this would entail providing consumers with the right to erasure, meaningful consent through requiring them to be properly and clearly be informed about how their personal information will be handled, and the right to notification when their personal information is collected.

Information Commissioner Angelene Falk said the introduction of such accountability measures would raise the standard of data handling to help prevent harms and remove the privacy burden from consumers.

“Establishing a positive duty on organisations to handle personal information fairly and reasonably will require them to take a proactive

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