One in Three Workers Monitored by Their Employers

One in Three Workers Monitored by Their Employers

Almost one in three (32%) workers are being monitored at work by their employers, according to a new survey of 2424 UK workers by the union Prospect.. This represents a substantial rise from April 2021, when 24% of employees reported being subjected to monitoring at work, sparking privacy and intrusion concerns.

This rise has partially been driven by a significant uptick in home workers being monitored by cameras over this period, up from 6% in April to 13%.

The survey, conducted by the pollster Opinium, also found that four in five (80%) of workers believe the use of webcams to monitor remote workers should either be banned (52%) or heavily regulated (28%). Additionally, just 8% of respondents thought employees should be able to unilaterally decide when to use cameras to monitor home workers.

Younger workers (18-34) were more likely to be monitored than older counterparts, with almost half (48%) reporting that they are monitored at work. This includes 20% being monitored with cameras.

Current Information Commissioner Office (ICO) guidance states that employers should ensure staff are aware of monitoring at work before it starts and explicitly inform them why this is being

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