Online tools for malware analysis

Nowadays, malware and emergent threats are part of our digital life. We must know or be aware of these kinds of threats so we don’t fall into the tentacles of cybercriminals. 


Any.Run is a tool that allows users to play with malware in a secure environment. This interactive tool provides dynamic and static analysis on Windows machines. It parses the events happening during the execution of one or more processes. The free community version is powerful, with many resources that either users or cyber experts can use.



Hatching Triage is a malware analysis sandbox developed for supporting cross-platforms such as Windows, Android, Linux and macOS. The tool is equipped with high-volume malware analysis capabilities and malware configuration extraction for dozens of malware families. It also provides a community version and can be used to extract information about emergent threats, including malware and suspicious URLs.



0xSI_f33d is a repository that compiles phishing and malware campaigns targeting internet end users. 0xSI_f33d aggregates phishing and malware campaigns, and as a result, an API for community integration is provided. This API can be integrated into several systems, including SIEMs, firewalls and so on. The tool also

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