Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform – Best Alternatives for Your Company [2022]

The technology that Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP) employ allows companies to gather, aggregate, and manage threat intelligence data from a variety of sources and formats. The information on already known malware and other security threats enables security teams to identify, investigate, and respond to risks rapidly and effectively.

Automation and simplification of the entire threat intelligence data collection, organization, and enrichment process; real-time monitoring, detection, and response to security vulnerabilities, and detailed information on current and potential security threats, but also documentation on threat actors’ techniques and procedures are the primary benefits of a threat intelligence platform. 

You can read about additional advantages and how a threat intelligence platform functions in one of my previous articles. 

Top 7 Open Source Threat Intelligence Platforms in 2022

Open source threat intelligence platforms make use of threat intelligence data obtained from publicly available open sources. Security forums and dedicated national and international security announcement lists are examples of these. 

Here are the best X threat intelligence platforms that you can choose to enhance your company’s cybersecurity: 

Anomali ThreatStream 

Anomali ThreatStream employs 140 open source feeds. Furthermore, users can supplement the information gathered by the TIP by purchasing (and evaluating) additional intelligence feeds from

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