OSI Layer 1: The soft underbelly of cybersecurity

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As traditional cybersecurity solutions improve, they push cyberattackers toward alternative paths. Layer 1 of the OSI model (i.e., the physical layer) has become a fertile ground for attacks and, effectively, the soft underbelly of cybersecurity.

What forms do attacks on the hardware level take?

Cyberattacks on the physical, hardware level happen when, for instance, a disgruntled employee plants a rogue device within the organization’s infrastructure and runs off with his now-former company’s proprietary information.

There have also been recent cases of industrial espionage wherein compromised hardware has bypassed all authentication measures. Even governments are outsourcing this dirty work to crime syndicates, enabling attacks to be bolder and without any concern about repercussions.

Rogue hardware devices take advantage of the inherent trust that most operating systems have in the USB device ecosystem. Unfortunately, rogue device hardware components are also sold by the millions, with firmware available online, and

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