Our vision for a cybersecurity platform

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Eva Chen: Ladies and gentlemen, customers, partners, and cybersecurity experts, thank you for joining us at Perspectives 2021. I think in 2020, we, all together, share one thing… we all experienced a year that we never experienced before. The pandemic forced us into physical isolation and we cannot meet face to face, but that isolation actually forced us to accelerate the digital transformation.

That digital transformation means that we are working from home. We are studying from home. We are forced to not to travel, but we are even more connected in the cyber war. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are exploring this super connected cyber world and therefore our cyber security solution need to take a big step into the transformation. Why is all this [happening]? First, let us look at the threat landscape that is happening in 2020.

In 2020, FBI actually received more than 2,000 complaints each day, which represent 69% increase YoY… That means US $4.2 billion in losses to the cyber criminals. Also, we saw that cybercriminals now are launching more different type of attacks.

There’s a 34% increase in new ransomware family tactics and more and more critical sector are being attacked. Not only the threat

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