Over 2 Million People Have Downloaded Android Malware from the Google Play Store

Last month, security specialists found adware and info-stealing malware on the Google Play Store, with at least five threats still obtainable and with more than 2 million downloads.

Adware infections showing unsolicited ads degrade the user experience, use up the battery, generate heat, and can even lead to fraudulent transactions.

This software typically attempts to blend in by posing as something different on the host machine, and the way it earns money for its developers is by forcing the target to view or click on affiliated advertisements.

Information-stealing trojans, on the other hand, are far more malicious, snatching login information for other websites you visit, such as social media and online banking accounts.

Getting into the Google Play Store

According to security experts at software company Dr. Web, adware applications and information-stealing Trojans were one of the most prevalent threats affecting Android in May 2022.

The stars of their report are spyware apps that can gather data from other apps’ notifications with the goal of stealing one-time 2FA passcodes (OTP) and gaining access to accounts.

Among the numerous threats that found their way into the Google Play Store, the ones below are still available:

PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor –

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