Pandemic pushes cybersecurity to top agenda in Asean boardrooms

Cybersecurity is on the agenda in boardrooms across Asean, where business leaders discuss plans to plug existing gaps and adopt next-generation capabilities. This focus is necessary as 94% of organisations in the region report a climb in cyberattacks last year, with 24% seeing at least 50% increase in disruptive attacks. 

The majority, topping 92%, believe cybersecurity was a priority for their business leaders today amidst the ongoing global pandemic, according to a survey by Palo Alto Networks. 

Conducted in November 2021, the online study polled 500 respondents across five Asean markets, comprising 100 each from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The IT decision makers and business leaders were from five verticals: financial services, government, retail, telecommunications, and fintech.

Global pandemic opening up can of security worms

Caught by the sudden onslaught of COVID-19, most businesses lacked or had inadequate security systems in place to support remote work and now have to deal with a new reality that includes a much wider attack surface and less secured user devices.

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Some 74% pointed to an increase in focus on cybersecurity within their leadership team, with

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