Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 12: Which phone is really more secure?

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There is great debate in the industry as to whether iOS or Android provides the most secure mobile device. In all my conversations with security pros, most, if not all, believe Apple’s iOS to be inherently more secure than the Google-built Android. This recent article spells out a number of strengths iOS has over Android in the area of privacy, such as Apple’s new feature in which users can stop apps from tracking them. In the article, the author states: “When it comes to privacy, Google and Apple are almost on extreme opposite ends.” 

However, a new study begs to differ; a report from research firm Omdia caught my attention. The key finding is that the Google Pixel 6 running Android 12 is significantly more secure than the Apple iPhone 12 Pro  running iOS 15. There are comparisons to two other Android-based phones: the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra  and the  Xiaomi Mi 11 5G

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