Protect your privacy with a Scout Hidden Camera Detector for just $60


The increased frequency and severity of cyber-attacks have made most people more careful about staying safe when going online. However, our physical safety is every bit as critical as the safety of our digital lives. For example, spy cameras can easily be installed in hotels, Airbnbs, restrooms, or other places — without your knowledge. You might want to consider protecting yourself with a Scout Hidden Camera Detector. 

The Scout uses high-powered LEDs to reflect of the lenses of spy cameras, phones, or CCTV. If the Scout detects a camera, you’ll see a pinpoint of bright red light when you look through its aperture. The device is battery-powered and comes with two AA batteries, offering enough juice for over a year of regular use. And since it’s small and weighs so little, you can take it everywhere you go.

This kit even includes a camera lens to practice with the Scout before your next trip. So, it should come as no surprise that this device earned an impressive average user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on

Now that travel is increasing, you shouldn’t have to worry about your privacy being invaded. Get a Scout Hidden Camera Detector

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