Ramping Up Malware Hunting with Heimdal™

In one of my previous articles, I discussed AI and its critical role in today’s – and tomorrow’s – world, particularly in terms of cybersecurity. I’m certain that AI (and technology in general) is a tremendous evolution engine, providing us with more and more opportunities almost on a daily basis. Have a look, for instance, at how Heimdal™s malware hunting tools tip the scales in our customers’ favor!  

Why Malware Hunting   

Malware hunting is unquestionably one of the most important pillars of today’s cybersecurity. It is linked to threat hunting, which is the practice of finding and comprehending threat actors who may compromise a company’s infrastructure by focusing on repeated activities. Threat (or malware hunting) is a proactive cyber defense strategy based on the assumption of compromise, which allows you to concentrate on the risks that may have gone undiscovered in your network.  

Because no system can be completely protected, all businesses require additional cyber defenses on top of the existing cybersecurity solutions on the market. Malware hunting combines methodology with advanced technology and top-notch threat intelligence to ensure a proactive and ever-evolving approach to detecting anomalies, strange patterns and various other

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