Ransom fail: Iranian hackers leak trove of Israeli LGBTQ dating app data

Iranian Hackers Leaked Private Messages and sensitive data of 690,000 Israeli LGBTQ Dating App Atraf Users After $1 Million Ransom is Denied.

An Iranian hacking group was denied its ransom demand worth around $1 million, after which it released sensitive private data of countless users of Atraf, an Israeli LGBTQ dating site.

The group, known as Black Shadow, obtained the data after hacking an Israeli hosting service called CyberServe, and the company refused to pay the ransom.

What Happened?

According to The Jerusalem Post, Black Shadow posted personal information of 1,000 Atraf app users and tens of thousands of users of other Israeli websites that the group had hacked previously because the company didn’t meet their demand of $1 million.

“48 hours ended! Nobody sends us money. This is not the end, we have more plan,” the group stated.

What was Data Exposed?

Reportedly, Black Shadow first hacked into CyberServe, which hosts the servers for Atraf and other affected sites. Atraf, a Hebrew word that means craziness, is a Tel Aviv-based gay dating website launched in 2002.

The hackers then posted alleged screenshots depicting a representative agreeing to pay them $500,000. However, CyberServe denied having this agreement

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