Ransomware decryptor roundup: BlackByte, Atom Silo, LockFile, Babuk decryptors released

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Ransomware decryptors for the BlackByte, Atom Silo, LockFile and Babuk strains were released over the last two weeks, highlighting some amount of progress in the fight against a few of the smaller ransomware gangs.

Last week, security company Avast released three decryptors, including ones for those affected by the AtomSilo, LockFile and Babuk ransomware. Cybersecurity firm Trustwave released a decryptor for the BlackByte ransomware two weeks ago.  

Allan Liska, a ransomware expert with the Recorded Future security company, told ZDNet that while it often feels as though security teams are losing the fight against ransomware, there is progress being seen. 

“Since August, by my count, we have seen decryptors for BlackMatter, REvil, AtomSilo, Babuk, LockFile, BlackByte, Prometheus and Ragnarok (I’m probably missing some others),” Liska said.

When asked why there was a recent wave of decryptors being released, Liska attributed it to a number of factors.

“Security researchers at companies like Emsisoft are getting better at finding flaws in ransomware and writing decryptors. And, communication between security companies on ransomware is increasing, so we are sharing information privately that helps victims,” Liska said.

“We can’t discount the impact that 10 law enforcement actions against ransomware groups is also having.

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