Ransomware is now a giant black hole that is sucking in all other forms of cybercrime

Ransomware is so lucrative for the gangs involved that other parts of the cybercrime ecosystem are being repurposed into a system for delivering potential victims.

“The gravitational force of ransomware’s black hole is pulling in other cyberthreats to form one massive, interconnected ransomware delivery system – with significant implications for IT security,” said security company Sophos in a report

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Ransomware is considered by many experts to be most pressing security risk facing businesses – and its extremely lucrative for the gangs involved, with ransom payouts increasing significantly.

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Sophos said that ransomware is becoming more modular, with different groups specialising in particular elements of an attack. It also pointed to the linked rise of ‘ransomware as-a-service’, where criminal gangs are able to purchase access to tools to run their own ransomware attacks when they lack the technical ability to create those tools themselves.

These so-called ransomware ‘affiliates’ don’t even have to find their own potential victims: the ransomware ecosystem has developed so that they can go to other groups who specialise in gaining access to corporate networks and who will sell that backdoor on to them.

As well as doing business with these

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