Ransomware: Looking for weaknesses in your own network is key to stopping attacks

Ransomware is a major cybersecurity threat to organisations around the world, but it’s possible to reduce the impact of an attack if you have a thorough understanding of your own network and the correct protections are in place. 

While the best form of defence is to stop ransomware infiltrating the network in the first place, thinking about how the network is put together can help slow down or stop the spread of an attack, even if the intruders have successfully breached the perimeter

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One of the best ways to do this is to segment the network, so different parts of the organisation are separated from one another. That means if cyber criminals do get into the network, it’s much harder for them to move about and compromise other systems.

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“You want to make it difficult to cross certain boundaries, so you can lessen the impact of malware or ransomware,” Ed Williams, director of SpiderLabs EMEA at Trustwave, told ZDNet Security Update

“If you can do that and just one business unit gets compromised, then that is much easier to isolate to determine what’s going on, contain it and then bring services back online.

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