Ransomware: Over half of attacks are targeting these three industries

Over half of ransomware attacks are targeting one of three industries; banking, utilities and retail, according to analysis by cybersecurity researchers – but they’ve also warned that all industries are at risk from attacks. 

The data has been gathered by Trellix – formerly McAfee Enterprise and FireEye – from detected attacks between July and September 2021, a period when some of the most high profile ransomware attacks of the last year happened. 

According to detections by Trellix, banking and finance was the most common target for ransomware during the reporting period, accounting for 22% of detected attacks. That’s followed by 20% of attacks targeting the utilities sector and 16% of attacks targeting retailers. Attacks against the three sectors alone account for 58% of all of those detected.  

Utilities is a particularly enticing industry for ransomware gangs to target, because the nature of the industry means it provides vital services to people and businesses and if those services can’t be accessed, it has an impact – as demonstrated by the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline, which led to gas shortages in the North Eastern United States. The incident saw Colonial paying a ransom of millions to cyber criminals in order to

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