Ransomware Risk in Healthcare Endangers Patients

Ryan Witt, Proofpoint’s Healthcare Cybersecurity Leader, examines the impact of ransomware on patient care.

In the last two years, COVID-19 has occupied healthcare providers’ minds — rightfully so, considering the pandemic’s tremendous toll on patients. But another threat that causes immense harm gets less attention: ransomware. While ransomware attacks receive lots of headlines, the irreparable damage that this threat could cause patients is often missing from the discussion.

Cyberattacks are a different kind of a pandemic that’s substantially increased over the last several years. They have become an everyday reality for the healthcare sector. Healthcare leaders understand cyber threats are a “new normal.” But the cyber-risk conversation typically centers on the bottom line, such as the costs of mitigation, noncompliance, or lawsuits.

For a sector whose mission is to improve our quality of life, it’s surprising that the top cybersecurity concerns revolve around financial losses. Healthcare leaders, physicians, and other care providers need to look at cybersecurity risks through a new lens — patient health and safety.

Ransomware and Health Professionals Promise to ‘Do No Harm’

Healthcare professionals devote their attention to protecting patients from harm. In today’s digital world, this mandate is

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