Research to Power Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Trend Micro -

Vulnerabilities and Exploits
As the industry’s number one public discloser of vulnerabilities, the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative has discovered and disclosed more than 4,500 potential attack vectors since the program began. Identifying vulnerabilities and addressing them before they are exploited reduces your exposure to the risk of financial loss and data breach.

“Trend Micro Research […] is dedicated to investigating and reporting on cyber threats. Our work enabled the prevention of 48 billion exploits in 2018 alone.”

Persistent Threats
Expert analysis of the attack lifecycle and shared knowledge of how cybercriminals’ tactics, techniques, and procedures evolve drives the development of new detection and rapid remediation capabilities in Trend Micro solutions that can reduce risks to your organization.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
Advanced technologies like AI and machine learning have become indispensable in cy­bersecurity research and solution development. Starting in 2005, Trend Micro Research has utilized both AI and machine learning to help detect and predict spam, phishing, exploits, and advanced threats more rapidly and accurately than ever before.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Mobile and remote work is fast becoming the norm with more and more workers relying on smart, connected technologies to get their jobs done. But the mobile hotspots and home networks

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