Researcher Spotlight: Martin Lee, EMEAR lead, Talos Strategic Communications

Who knew you could connect Moses to threat intelligence?  By Jon Munshaw. 
When the security community usually thinks about the origins of cybersecurity and threat intelligence, the conversation may quickly center around the codebreakers in World War II or the Creeper software developed in the 1970s. 
Martin Lee likes to go all the way back to Biblical times and Moses. 
“The Book of Numbers is the first account of threat intelligence,” Lee, Talos’ Strategic Communications EMEAR lead, said in a recent interview.  
The Book of Numbers, one of the books of the Old Testament, tells the story of Moses sending scouts out to spy for potential dangers that await the group he’s leading. In this story, Moses is trying to collect as much information as possible to learn about what threats, and opportunities, his group will face along their travels. 
Lee also likes to reference Julius Caesar, who wrote his personal correspondence in cipher. Even the most powerful man on Earth feared the interception of his messages by enemies. It’s remarkable how little has changed in 2,000 years, he says. These are the types of stories and examples Lee likes to bring into his customer engagements in his role at Talos. As a strategic communications

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