Researchers: 61M Health IoT Device User Records Exposed

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Database Belonged to a Firm That Apparently Just Shut Down Marianne Kolbasuk McGee (HealthInfoSec) • September 14, 2021     Researchers say the exposed database belonged to, a firm that appears to have recently taken down its website.

An unsecured database belonging to an apparently recently defunct firm exposed 61 million records of wearable health and fitness device users on the internet, say the security researchers who discovered the non-password-protected database in cooperation with the WebsitePlanet research team.

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The exposed records were related to IoT health and fitness tracking devices used by consumers worldwide, says researcher Jeremiah Fowler, co-founder of consultancy Security Discovery, in a report released Monday on the WebsitePlanet blog.

“The most disturbing part of the discovery was that many of the records

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