Retail Cybersecurity: Common Threats During the Holiday Shopping Season

With Black Friday past us and Cyber Monday turning into a Cyber Week — the holiday shopping season has started out with a bang. For many retailers, this season is considered the most important shopping period of the year. Even though spending dropped dramatically in 2021 compared to 2021 due to the pandemic, inflation, and supply chain issues, consumers still spent $8.9B during this year’s Black Friday.

But it’s not all jolly spirits for retailers — this period is also a hacker’s paradise who are looking to take advantage of overwhelmed companies and websites. The holiday shopping period often sees an increase in website attacks, and while retailers may know they are under increased pressure, they may not have the resources to bulk up their cybersecurity defenses given their priority on customer service, shipping, and other necessary personnel.

We’re here to shed light on the most types of threats retailers face during the holiday shopping season and offer some recommendations on how to stay secure and safe.

Retail Cybersecurity Challenges and Threats Threat 1: Payment skimmers

Knowing traffic and transactions are at an all-time high during this period, hackers seek to steal valuable payment data from unwitting customers and retailers

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