Russian Ministry Website Hacked to Display “Glory To Ukraine” Message

The targeted website which belongs to the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Utilities, was also asked to pay a 0.5 BTC ransom to avoid the leak of stolen user data.

Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities’ website ( was hacked over the weekend. When searched on the internet, the site’s address led to a sign in the Ukrainian language that read- “Glory to Ukraine.”

The hackers also demanded ransom to prevent the leaking of personal data of the site users. According to RIA, a Russian state news outlet, a ministry representative confirmed that the site was offline, but user data wasn’t compromised. 

The Russian language message when translated to English via Google Translate states that: “Hacked by the DumpForums team. The entire database has been exported and will probably appear on our forum soon. Site administrators have until 06/07/2022 0:00 am to transfer exactly 0.5 BTC to this wallet: . Otherwise, all personal data of users of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, and possibly not only 😉 will be made available to the public. (Credit:

However, as seen by on Telegram, the group behind the hack going by the online handle of DumpForums

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