SaaS Security Guide: How to Protect Your SaaS Business

SaaS companies access scads of customer data. If you fail with SaaS security, it will have a direct and lasting impact on your user experience.

SaaS (or Software as a service) applications generate large amounts of unstructured data that is difficult to manage. Data is said to be the oil of the digital age, driving business growth. But just like oil, the dissemination of data entails a number of problems.

According to the British Assessment Bureau, more than 60,000 hacking attempts are made every day just in the UK – and the number is only increasing as telecommuting has weakened the traditional office security perimeter, opening up many access points for hackers.

But there’s another question that worries IT security teams: How much cloud SaaS security data is at risk? This is because the use of SaaS applications such as Facebook, Zoom, or DropBox is out of control as employees work from home away from the eyes of IT.

According to Rewind, on average, enterprises use 3-4 times more SaaS applications than their IT department knows, and BetterCloud predicts that in 2022, 90% of enterprises will rely on them to complete their business tasks.

This lack of

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