Scoop: Uganda Security Exchange Caught Leaking 32GB of Sensitive Data

Apart from personal and financial records, the data also included plain-text login credentials including usernames and passwords of customers and businesses using the Easy Portal of the Uganda Security Exchange.

The Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) aka principal stock exchange in Uganda has been caught leaking highly sensitive financial and sensitive data of its customers and business entities across the globe.

This was revealed to by Anurag Sen, a prominent IT security researcher who has been known for identifying exposed servers and alerting relevant authorities before it’s too late. Anurag is the same researcher who discovered Australian trading giant ACY Securities to be exposing 60GB worth of data earlier this month.

What Happened

It all started with Anurag scanning for misconfigured databases on Shodan and noted a server exposing more than 32GB worth of data to public access. According to Anurag, the server belonged to the Uganda Security Exchange’s Easy Portal. For your information, Easy Portal is an online self-service portal that lets users and trading entities view stock performance, view statements, and monitor their account balance.

“There are other ports running on the server which opened the link to the bank of Baroda – which is Indian based company

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