SecOps: Tips for reducing open source vulnerabilities

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SecOps: Tips for Reducing Open Source Vulnerabilities

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Check out this infographic to gain insight on enabling a strong DevSecOps culture by ensuring open source code is secure, allowing developers to build quickly and meet business objectives.

By: Trend Micro May 25, 2021 Read time:  ( words)

The use of open source software has grown exponentially as the demand for custom built-web, mobile, and cloud-native applications has increased. Yet, as with any software, there are potential security issues that may go unchecked because organizations are unaware they are using a vulnerable open source component in their application. While open source libraries provide an advantage for modern software development, these unforeseen security risks can significantly impact downstream processes, business reputation, and customer confidence.

Check out the infographic below for key trends and tips to help security operations teams better understand how to protect against open source vulnerabilities and reduce risks.



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