#SecTorCa: Cyber Expert Wendy Nather Unmasks “Scary Bits” of Infosec in 2021

#SecTorCa: Cyber Expert Wendy Nather Unmasks "Scary Bits" of Infosec in 2021

While Halloween 2021 is a few days past, Wendy Nather, head of advisory CISOs at Cisco, still sees many "dark" things on the infosec landscape.

In a keynote session at the SecTor security conference on November 4, Nather outlined various potential concerns facing IT security professionals now and likely for years into the future. The infosec concerns for Nather have in no small part been accelerated by the pandemic, as employees were predominantly working remotely from home.

“We had a surprise visit to zero trust land,” Nather said. “Now, if you’re still not really sure what zero trust means, it’s okay. But, I’m here to tell you that nobody likes that term.”

Zero trust is a concept that has become increasingly used in recent years. Nather said that when the pandemic first hit hard in early 2020, organizations told employees to use whatever they had at home. That ended up with a lot of organizations running out of VPN licenses.

Wendy Nather speaking at SecTor security conference

“So we had a lot more BYOD (bring your own device), which is something that zero trust is

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