Security awareness manager: Is it the career for you?

From managing data protection compliance to threat hunting, the field of cybersecurity offers a wide variety of career paths. If education is your passion and you have a knack for data analysis, a security awareness manager might just be the career for you.

Global cybercrime is on target to cost $10.5 trillion annually in damage, investigation and restoration by 2025 says Cybersecurity Ventures. Social attacks such as phishing and business email compromises cause the majority of data breaches says the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. Organizations know the time is now to become proactive in their defense measures and a critical component of those protection efforts must be employee education. This is the role of the security awareness manager or security awareness consultant.

What does a security awareness manager do and what does it take to thrive in the role? Tiffany Franklin is the manager of cybersecurity education for Optiv and says the position requires wearing multiple hats, working well under pressure and compassion for people.

What does a security awareness manager do?

Maybe you work for an organization that has sent test phishing emails to employees. If you clicked on the links within, chances are good you

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