Security Blueprint: Understanding the Sales Process & Technical Requirements

A solid security blueprint helps you provide customers with the knowledge and solutions they need to protect their data and systems. But to ensure its success, you need to develop a robust sales process and understand your technical requirements. 

What does that mean? 

To shed some light, let’s look a little deeper at each of these key areas. 

The Cybersecurity Sales Process 

Your security blueprint sales process needs to address your key objectives and define your target customers and sales cycle. This helps you understand the solutions your customers need, determine how many leads it will take to convert, and generally get a handle on the lead conversion process. 

Understanding your customers’ requirements is a crucial step in this process, and you typically have two models available: 

  • Provide a single value-add service that helps customers address specific risk factors. 
  • Provide various business and technical options for customers to select from and display the risk assessment.  What to Offer Customers 

    At the start of the cybersecurity blueprint sales process, you need to understand how

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