Security, remote work support top concerns amongst firms

Increasing adoption of hybrid work practices has pushed the need to enable and secure remote workers as a top challenge for IT managers. Security threats also have evolved amidst this emerging workplace, with supply chain attacks hogging recent headlines, but 53% of IT administrators believe their use of “known, trusted software” will help keep their organisation safe from such threats. 

Asked about challenges they faced in the past year with increased adoption of remote work, 57.2% of IT managers pointed to enabling or instructing employees about working remotely, while 49.6% cited the need to secure these workers. Another 44.5% highlighted the need to ensure availability of business applications and networks, according to a study conducted by data security vendor Acronis. 

The survey polled 3,600 IT managers and remote workers in 18 markets, including Singapore, Australia, India, Japan, Germany, the US, and the UK. Respondents from each country comprised 100 IT managers and 100 remote workers. The study was conducted over two months through to October 2021. 

Some 28.6% said their organisation was targeted by cyber attackers at least once a month, while 21.4% saw weekly attacks and 20.6% reported at least one attack a day. About 20.1% believed they were never targeted

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